FIERCE is an appealing headgear that detects and tracks head injuries that athletes often are exposed to during training and competitions


The data from the headband is transmitted to a phone app via bluetooth low-energy. The complimentary app allows real-time monitoring for parents and coaches


It is aesthetically pleasing which is important in high-performance sports such as cheerleading, gymnastics and figure skating. FIERCE is unique in its approach as it meets the athlete desire to look good while wearing headgear.

Making The Invisible,

Louise Skajem
Louise competed for the Norwegian national Ski-cross team and suffered from a serious concussion during her career. She is currently studying her MA/MSc in Global Innovation Design at Imperial and RCA.
Emad Heydari
Emad completed his MA in Interaction & Experience Design in 2020. His background is in business development, digital marketing and multimedia design. He is passionate about solving real-life problems is currently working for the HSE
Hedda Johannesen
Hedda has been a Cheerleader for 14 years and won multiple national and international championships. She graduated with a BA in Entrepreneurship and Business in 2021.
Marian Horgan
Marian is a software engineer from Ireland with a BSc in Computer Science, UCC. She works at Intel and is passionate about encouraging women in STEM

If people don't wear it, it does not help

Sally PettiPHer

We want to empower athletes and make them feel fierce with our headbands. We believe headgear can only serve its purpose if it is worn. 

Louise Skajem

75% of athletes we surveyed had experience with a concussion and over half of those had suffered multiple concussions


65% of athletes we surveyed said it would it be helpful to have a device that identifies head impacts 


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